Descendant astrology aries

You also need to be excited about the prospects and everything new fascinates you.

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The Descendant in Aries describes a partner marked by the planet Mars. They have a sense of combat, of ardor and of courage.

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They do not think for hours, they pursue you and only you. You are flattered to stir up such ardor. Because your flamboyant partner is governed by the fire element they bring warmth and enthusiasm, but also an emotional freshness that disturbs you. The essence of the relationship tends to rest on their shoulders, as you, on your side, tend to assume the role that seems likely to be expected by the other. You are so spontaneous in your relationships that a meeting can happen anywhere: you are also creative and you always find a way to get in touch, whatever the context.

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Then, with your partner you need action or else it makes you shake up the slowness. Naturally, places dedicated to sport, such as gyms, football stadiums, tennis courts, ski slopes especially black diamonds are suitable for you.

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You do not have any particular requirements. With the Aries Descendant, you may experience disputes that begin very suddenly.

Often, you feel like you had nothing to do with it, because with your Libra Ascendant, you are a great pacifist. But the other, in front of your stiff upper lip and especially, your hesitations, will lead you in a climate of confrontation. Words can sometimes go beyond thought and fortunately, even if the tone goes up, grievances are quickly forgotten.

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Descendant astrology aries

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