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The colors should be deep and bright.

Saturn rules black, connected with gloominess, and its mixture with red gives brown, and its mixture with blue gives navy blue, or blackish blue. Where these planet are unfavorable, these colors should also be avoided. The grey color also has many shades.

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Main Gemstone indicated by bold print - Substitutes follow. Stones are to be worn in an auspiciously elected time only, and not on the days of the planets.

Zodiac Colors And Their Meanings

As metals are also represented by planets, excessive use of metals on the body should be avoided. Stones need little amount of metal for being set in, and can be set in any of the metals. However purchasing gems or the kavach for SA practitioners , which is recommended as remedy for most planetary weakness as per Systems' Approach, is not a very affordable, in Indian context cost is comparable to a months salary of an average middleclass Indian.

It's my humble request to come up with more cheaper versions of remedies which are as effective as gemstones or the kavach for sake of well beings. The list member who shall remain anonymous states that remedies are not very affordable kavach and gemstone with respect to the commensurate salaries earned in India, and requested coming up with a cheaper version for strengthening the weak planets. My eldest daughter was a former jeweler, and I will share what I have learned from her and her employer over the years as far as properties, costs, etc.

These stones must be natural stones with no defects or flaws. To be certain of what you are getting here in the USA, a consumer would request the Lab Certification of the Gemstone Certification as to describe the quality and authenticity of the stone, along with the certification stating in writing the particulars such as origin, dimension, length, width, carat weight, chart of stone, treated or not treated to enhance color - which should NOT be done , ID , etc If you are not offered that Certification by the jeweler prior to purchasing the stone, ask for it.

You need to absolutely know all of these things prior to the purchase if you plan on using these gems for astrological strengthening purposes.

Navagrahas and its Colours

Any slight variations in quality means thousands of dollars So a lesser quality stone may be deceptive and may look just as pretty, but will not do the job. Now as for actual costs Let me shake the socks right off you for a moment about the USA and prices Quite a chunk of change to strengthen Venus. The same rules apply to substitute stones, however the size for substitutes must be significantly larger.

Tricky business It may be still too expensive for some people to purchase either stones, substitute stones or a kavach. I do not know the exact wages in India but I do know that for many people they are indeed very low and talking about 20 dollars a month out of which they often have to provide for a family as a first priority. Given a choice I would give preference to the family as I am sure would you. Diamond White Sapphire White Beryl.

Simple Upaya of Planets by Colors- Color Therapy

Friday Sunrise. Blue Sapphire Iolite Kyanite.

Table of Planets, Sanskrit Names, Color, Herb, Mental Influence, Dosha

Saturday 2 Hours 40 Minutes Before Sunset. Saturday 2 Hours After Sunset. Thursday Midnight. Krittika, U- phal, U-Shad. Rohini, Hasta, Sravana. Mrgshra, Chitra, Dhanishta. Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati. Punravasu, Vishakha, P-Bha. Bharani, P-Phal, P-Shada. Sachi Devi. Pushya, Anuradha, U-Bhad. Ardra, Swati, Shatbisha.

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Ashwini, Magha, Moola. North Node Of The Moon. South Node Of The Moon. Contact Us.

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