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What September's Leo Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

October - Increased activity around communication indicates it's good to speak up and make your career objectives known. Doing this at the beginning of the month is beneficial. It can be helpful to bring your goals up again around the time of the Aries full moon on October This full moon energy makes a beneficial trine to your sign. If you own a business, you might have a great expansion opportunity this month. A knowledgeable or well-educated person can open a door to some new possibilities for you and your company.

What October's Leo Horoscope Predictions Mean for You

There may be changes in management implemented at your job now. These may have been talked about months ago as vague possibilities, but now they come into focus as Venus moves into Scorpio on the eighth and moves to oppose Uranus in Taurus a few days later.

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Job-related travel is quite possible this month. Leo always sets goals for themselves. Sometimes their goals seem completely unrealistic, but that makes things even more interesting for them. At the same time, they also like to spend a lot. They have a very heated and easily excitable nature. Leo sometimes might invest in shady business deals, if he gets excited about some idea. In most cases, they win a lot because their instincts are faultless. It is hard for them to admit mistakes. Leo will rather try to fix the problem before anyone finds out about it.

Or Leo can simply blame someone else for their wrongdoings.

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Leo can basically choose any career, start from the very bottom and climb their career ladder to the very top. When they reach the top, they might simply leave their position and go after something new and exciting. Leo can become a great politician. They have many great ideas how to make things better, but at the same time, they also look for personal benefit.

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They are excellent in communication and public speaking. In fact, Leo loves to be in the center of attention. They can inspire people and make masses follow them. Leo can also be majorly successful in show business. Leo also has a great sense of humor, therefore, entertainment will be an excellent place for them.


Leo can be an amazing sports trainer. If they have chosen a sports career, Leo will be very successful and later become a leader for new talents. They know how hard they had to work to gain results, and also they will make their athletes work even harder. Other professions Leo can succeed in are managers, lawyers, actors, diplomat, and even taxi driver or plumber.

These people are charismatic and inspiring.

Leo can reach excellence in anything they do. It is important for Leo not only to have financial benefits from whatever they do but also to have recognition. Leo loves to be in the center of attention. They are never shy and they will demand what they want. These people can be very intimidating. So, this side of them needs to be recognized.

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If someone gets in Leos way, it is their own fault if they get hurt. Schmoozing with the right people will help Leo get themselves noticed and this year they will start to take their career paths very seriously indeed. Leo folk may find they will be called upon to host people at home and at work.

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They may even ask to go that extra mile and offer accommodation. Your audiences will immediately recognise your unique gifts and talents. They will be appreciative and receptive towards you. There will be plenty of work and you may not have to even advertise in the latter part of the year. The money will flow easily and effortlessly into your pockets and as well as public accolades you will get sponsorships and a diverse range of monetary subsidies and rewards. There could be some payment in kind. For those who are in professional employment like teachers, counsellors and lawyers, you will thrive in classrooms and courtrooms alike.

With your natural flair and creative talents, others will allow you freedom and a free reign to fully express yourself. I do not foresee any obstacles and you are likely to thrive in your chosen employment area. Job security need not be a worry for you since big rewards are destined to come your way.

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For those Leo folk who work in business, be prepared for a highly successful year where people are more likely to seek out your expertise than the other way around. If you ever lacked self-confidence, although others would never guess at it, will be a year when your self-esteem is going to rise to new heights.

Without even trying too hard you are going to impress all the right people and with your natural wit, humour and enthusiasm you are going to become a very popular and highly valued member of the workforce. There could be a mentoring role for you which will enable you to help and guide youngsters in training. Certainly, for whoever comes into your circle, there is likely to be much hilarity and pulling together to make the right things happen in the right order.