Im an gemini woman who am i compatible with

But even when they do have problems, these partners can forgive and forget easily. Jupiter, about learning and philosophy as well as luck, lends Pisces their desire to know more deeply, and Neptune makes Pisces so dreamy. The combination of an intellectual focus with an emotional, intuitive grasp of the world makes decisions much more solid; if these two can work together, they can achieve much. The good thing is, both try to get over their own hurt feelings quickly.

Gemini and Pisces are both Mutable Signs, thus quite compatible. Both Signs are adaptable, flexible and very able to deal with change.

Neither Sign needs to take the lead, and they both provide one another with plenty of space and freedom. Their mutual interest in cultivating their knowledge and utilizing their intellect. It is a hoaxer, which decieves the state of mind, making it all the more confused. If we talk about a male Gemini and female Gemini, we are actually talking about the compatibility of the four of them together, which makes the situation a little more complex.

Gemini and Pisces Love Compatibility

Thus the compatibility of Gemini man and Gemini woman is like a ragbag of potent emotions, running in diverse directions. Though it becomes a bit easier for the other to accept this complexity, as the other partner would himself be aware of the same state of mind, it becomes difficult in comprehending the wide range of scenarios that the the Gemini man and Gemini woman go through.

The core strength lies in the fact that they are very intellectual and exhibit good communication skills, which makes them really smart. The Gemini man compatibility with Gemini woman will be full of excitement as none of them will be bored of each other. As Geminis are witty people, there is no lack of communication that can take place. But due to the constant change in the state of mind, it becomes difficult for one partner to understand the other all the time. They are very creative, emotional and often day dreaming, trying to explore the wonder land that exists inside their heads.

They also show a lot empathy towards people but at the same time are detached as well, they want to be social at one point of time but need some private space to be alone also. This mixture of emotions makes it very difficult to predict a Gemini, thus making it difficult for Gemini Gemini partners to reciprocate.

Though it is a tedious task to know the state of mind of both the Gemini male and female, there is also an advantage to this. Geminis dont care much about the partner, in terms of what the other might think or do. They are really comfortable with the fact that they almost share the same personality, which in turn makes it easier for a Gemini to be free from all the judgements. There is a lot of trust as well, in that sense. It becomes a bit easier for one Gemini to understand the other Gemini's restlessness. Even though Gemini relationship compatibility can beome a complex one, there are chances for this to work out as well.

As stated earlier, Geminis are said to have two personalities, both of them, poles apart and in the extremes, which makes it really tough, not just for them but also for the other, to decipher their true identity. They keep on thinking continuously, about anything and everything. Thus it becomes simple for a Gemini man to understand a Gemini woman as no other sign will be able to interpret and understand as much as they do.

In terms of the Gemini man and Gemini woman love compatibility, they are adventurous, intellectual, sarcastic, funny and full of sympathy but they are also fearful, monotonous people who at times dont want to be with anyone around. There is a level of understanding between the Gemini male-Gemini female which makes this couple as compatible as being non compatible with each other. In the case of the Gemini man and Gemini woman compatibility, there happens to be a lot of freedom, liberty and independence in the relationship.

I guess what I want to say is when I read the compatability report, I thought someone had written a paper on Hiromi and I. Great Work!!

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Wow this is Dead On. And just in case we know gemini has two personatlies, but sagitarius is the best in split personatlties. They know how to get what they want. She may appear to look like an innocent woman but in reality she has a deep dark secret. Generally these women are very attractive and are very articulate, so with that combination if give them some very good power. And they down to earth type, not like an aries, trying to possess you. I always like gemini women, because they are very interesting and my first gemini woman did hurt me, and I could say this article is true if the sag is young and naive.

We want honesty in the beginning of our lifes, and truthfully are social skills develop after accomplishing are goals, then we feel like we can do anything at life. While it is true a Gemini woman will have many suitors and the Sagitarrius man will have to work at making her affection his alone, the Sagittarius man also has many women veiying for his attention. In fact I find the second that I give in to my Sagittarius man, he is off to chase another. Could it be that Sagittarians are only in it for the chase.

It seems the harder that I push him away, the more affectionate he becomes. At current he is chasing me again, this has been on and off for nine years now. Point is, if you are a Gemini woman, you will have to work damn hard to pin down your Sag man as well, and dont ever think you are the only one with secrets. You will be wrong! I think having a sag would be the most interesting relationship. I am a gemini woman and as we do tend to get bored easily I think the Sag would satisfy us for a minute. Just kidding! I am a gemini woman and I dated a sag for 2 years.

We had a magnetic connection. We honestly could have should have ended it sooner…but we both procrastinated. Sex was awesome in the begginning. He cut deep into my emotions when angry.

Gemini Man and Gemini Woman: Nature of Bonding

Great short term relationship. Wish the fire would have keep burning strong. LOL Not that it matters much to me at this point in my life any way.

Was previously with a virgo for 2 yrs. He was just not able to keep up with me. Yes the sag guy will try to pin me down every now and then! My dad is a Sag and my mom is a Gem. I wish I know how your ratings work; I like reading the things you wrote down Nancy. The Leo was great and trust was always there. Scorpio was very intense but have huge up and huge downs, but the Scorpio always had secrets [just like what horoscopes says about them]. We were wildly chasing each other even tho I was with his friend.

He has the most insanely attractive personality to me in the whole world. I miss him like never before………. I am a fem- Gemini and he is a SAggi!!

What Do You Want to Know About Geminis?

I was in a 5 yr relationship he was a great partner! For some reason i keep dating SAggi guys!! This article made me real mad. Geminis are very demanding but they keep the relationship on track. However if your not loyal then Gemins are quick to bounce because you cant hold them down or waste there time.